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Training Course in Italy for Europeans

If you are an Erasmus+ ADU Accredited Institution or you have been approved for the Erasmus+ KA1-ADU project, you can take the course at our headquarters in Tuscany, Italy.

The standard solutions for the Training Courses are a fee of €80 per day per participant for a maximum of 30 people. The course and the Facilitator are included in the fee. If instead you want the full solution, we can also organize the Hotel and Conference Room + Training Course at a very convenient price for both organizations.

For info and proposal send an email to

But how can I participate if I am a person (not an organisation)?
in this case you will not be able to make a direct request to CAFI APS but you will have to look for an organization in your country that is Erasmus+ KA1-ADU accredited or has obtained a European contribution to create the group.

There are several channels to find organizations in Europe, either through the EPALE Platform (Blog section), by reading posts and searching for the contacts of the organizations that interest you most, or through Facebook Groups.

Training Course in Europe for Italians

The courses are only for CAFI APS members, therefore before requesting them it is necessary to register with the Association.

Generally, 3 Training Courses are organized in Europe per year in which at least 8 learners (CAFI members) and the same number of volunteers/internal staff are involved.

The selection will be carried out through a Call which will be published on this website at least 2 months before departure.
The host country will be decided by CAFI APS also based on the course offered.

Generally the duration of the course is 5/7 days + 2 days of travel.
The hotel or shared house will be chosen based on the costs which will be reimbursed by the European Community. For additional personal requests, such as Single Rooms, simply add the differences that will not be covered by the Call.

Training Courses are generally for free or a small fee is required to cover any additional costs, but they are completely sustainable costs.

Food, Hotel in shared rooms/Shared house, Return travel, Course+Trainer are covered by the European Community, Erasmus+ Program.

All details will be specified for each individual Call.

training course in italy for europeans

The process is easy!


Tell us exactly what you need

How many working days, how many people, if you prefer the full organization or just the Training Course.

Let’s take a look on our PIF


We'll plan the Mobility for you

Activity Plan, Non Formal Activities, Questionnaire, Certificate of Participation, Evaluation form, Attendance List and all documents needed for the Beneficiary Module.


Enjoy your Erasmus+ Training Course!

Come to Italy and participate in Mobility with enthusiasm. It will be a wonderful experience!


CAFI APS based all Courses and Experiences on Art, Culture and Technology.

Painting & Handcrafting for active citizenship and inclusion

Objective of the Training Course is to increase democratic participation and social life through Art as essential skills for the cohesion and creation of sustainable communities.

Visit this Facebook Group to watch videos and photos of previous experience of 5-days of Training Course in Chianciano-Terme.

Non Formal Education: what is it?

This is a different learning approach based on experiences and dialogues with peers. We propone activities art-based.

The objectives are to promote multiculturalism, raising awareness among adults towards social, linguistic and cultural diversity, overcoming all forms of prejudice and stereotypes to enhance life skills.

Discover European Cultural Heritage

The objective is the acquisition of knowledge of the cultural heritage of many EU countries (art, languages, folklore, tangible and intangible heritage) and the development of new
skills such as learning to communicate with different cultures, new languages, psycho-physical well-being, interpersonal/teamwork skills, determination and curiosity.

Acquire Digital Skills I-II Level

The objective is to increase basic digital skills and raise awareness of digital illiteracy and how isolation-digitalisation are interconnected. We also organize II Level Training Courses to acquire advanced digital tools both for the management of the NGO (AI, WordPress, MailChimp, etc..) and as an inclusive artistic medium (AI/AR/Videomapping/etc.. for usable exhibitions/events
even to people with barriers).

Let´s make our school more international: European Project Planning, Design, Management and Funding under Erasmus+

Do you want to make your Non-Profit more international and collaborate with similar organizations in Europe? this course is for you!
A Europlanning course is planned using business English useful for writing tenders. It will also be an opportunity to make contacts with Trainers and Operators of European NGOs.

English and Cultural aspect for Educators and Non-Profit

Coming soon

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