Patronage Montepulciano Municipality

Introduction The Creative Art Farm in Italy APS Association was registered in the Register of Associations of the Municipality of Montepulciano, Italy with protocol n.0002763 dated 18-01-2024. What are benefits? Thanks to the Registration we can request free patronage from the Montepulciano Municipality, collaborate with the same and request Concession Contribution.  

Accreditation Erasmus+ Adults

Introduction With great enthusiasm we are confirming the Accreditation until 2027 to organize the Erasmus+ KA1 Adults for our Members. The Call, with deadline 19 Oct 2023, was written by Scrugli Bianca Maria and the Accreditation was confirmed on 02/19/2024 by pec. What can we organize? Every year CAFI APS will have to prepare a […]

EMUN+ Murales

Introduction On Tuesday, October 6 2020, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, a group of students from the Liceo Artistico di Sora (Fr) and one of users of the Centro Diurno della ASL Roma1, in via Antonio di Giorgio, of the Dipartimento di Salute Mentale Distretto XV, will meet at the Galleria Eustachio Pisani in […]


Introduction E-Learning Module Focused on Painters’ Transformation into NFT The PINFT project, held by Vidipost, provides flexible learning opportunities for painters who want to transition to the digital world of NFTs. Our e-learning platform covers various aspects of NFTs, including an introduction to NFTs, NFT marketplaces and wallets, NFT law and copyright, building your first […]

Corrispondenze – Figurative Art Exhibition in Roma

Introduction The exhibition “Corrispondenze. La tradizione nel contemporaneo” (Correspondences. Tradition in the Contemporary) at the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia in Roma from October 26 to November 8, 2019, traces the links and elective affinities between the work of sixteen contemporary Italian artists and the great Etruscan figurative tradition. The exhibition is part of […]

FOTONICA Art Residency

Introduction The members of CAFI APS participated in the FOTONICA FESTIVAL Artistic Residency in which different audio-visual languages, techniques and technologies were explored, involving international realities, building a program that represents different forms of Audio Visual Digital Arts, in particular: AV Performance, AV installations, Videomapping. The Residency took place in December 2023 and concluded with […]