Art, Culture and Technology as a means of inclusion and growth

Creative Art Farm in Italy APS, founded in September 2015, initially under the name Arts in Rome, aims to include, empower and educate people through Art, Culture and Technology.

To date, the operational and legal headquarters is located in Tuscany.

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Vision & Mission

The vision of Creative Art Farm is one of inclusion, resilience, awareness and well-being.

The mission is to inspire and educate people, make them aware of the intrinsic cultural value, inform them and mobilize resources and skills.

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  • Inclusion
  • Active participation
  • Digitization
  • Innovation
  • Acceptance of Diversity
  • Professionalism
Our Goals
  • Create Art communities
  • Spread European opportunities
  • Promote Non-Formal Education 
  • Art research
  • Spread the ideas of lifelong learning, development of new competencies
  • Empower members on Entrepreneurship in the field of Creative Cultural Industries
Financial Background
Creative Art Farm has a financial plan based on:
  • National and International Calls
  • Courses and Services
  • Fundraising
  • Memberships
Fundraising and tenders represent the largest percentage of sustenance and ensure a national and  international impact.

the Lab

It was born from the will of Bianca and Giampiero, artists and creatives with the desire to create community. For many years we have worked in Rome with great success until we reached more than 400 members.

Following Covid-19 we lost a large part of our members and economic resources.

We were forced to change the strategy: the city was no longer sustainable so we decided to move to a rural area, rediscovering the balance between Human and Nature.

To date we have regained almost 30% of the members and we intend to become a reference cultural center in southern Tuscany.

We asked local people what they needed and the unanimous answer was: Socialization, Empathy and Opportunity.

Train with the best

the TEAM

Bianca Maria Scrugli


Giampiero Abate


Anna e Saverio



(Facilitators,Researchers, Trainers)

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