EMUN+ Murales


On Tuesday, October 6 2020, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, a group of students from the Liceo Artistico di Sora (Fr) and one of users of the Centro Diurno della ASL Roma1, in via Antonio di Giorgio, of the Dipartimento di Salute Mentale Distretto XV, will meet at the Galleria Eustachio Pisani in Isola del Liri (Fr), to create two special murals, between cartoon and street art.

An event organized by Arts in Rome (now Creative Art Farm in Italy APS).

“People who work together will win. Whether it is a complex football defense, or the problems of modern society.”

quote by Vince Lombardi

The Project

The Arts in Rome Cultural Association (now CAFI APS), in collaboration with the ASL Centro Diurno di Ponte Milvio, the Municipality of Isola del Liri and the High Schools of the same Municipality, proposes an experimental integrated project of inclusion and social collaboration between the patients of the Centro Diurno and the active young people of the Municipality of Isola del Liri, for the creation of a Mural with the theme “Environment”.

Sponsorship and Activities

Patrocinio Gratuito della Regione Lazio

10:00 – meeting at the Eustachio Pisani Gallery in Isola del Liri between the two groups; presentations and games to “break the ice”
11:00 – Start drawing and coloring the two panels
1.00pm – the Arts in Rome Association will offer a buffet to active participants
2.00pm onwards – painting on the panels to complete the Mural

Giampiero Abate, Scrugli Bianca Maria, Alessandra Carloni

The students of the Artistic High School will be prepared for the event by Abate Giampiero and Scrugli Bianca Maria with an online course.

– 7 students from the Artistic High School of Sora coordinated by Prof. Fabio Landolfi and supported by Abate Giampiero and Scrugli Bianca Maria
– 9 users of the ASL Day Center of Ponte Milvio coordinated by Dr. Pietro Salemme and the street artist Alessandra Carloni

Thanks to the Mayor of Isola del Liri Massimo Quadrini for their hospitality.
To Dr. Izzo Francesca and Dr. Pietro Salemme, from the DSM of ASL Roma1, for believing in the Arts in Rome project.
To Prof. Fabio Landolfi and the Headmaster of the Vincenzo Simoncelli Institute of Higher Education in Sora for giving young people the opportunity to participate in a social inclusion project.