Accreditation Erasmus+ Adults


With great enthusiasm we are confirming the Accreditation until 2027 to organize the Erasmus+ KA1 Adults for our Members. The Call, with deadline 19 Oct 2023, was written by Scrugli Bianca Maria and the Accreditation was confirmed on 02/19/2024 by pec.

What can we organize?

Every year CAFI APS will have to prepare a mobility plan (i.e. Erasmus+) to be organized over 12 months in which at least 10 members of the Association aged 18-99, should participate.

The activities that can be organized are:

  • STAFF MOBILITY (Staff of CAFI APS such as volunteers, workers, etc..)
    Job Shadowing
    Teaching or Training assignments
    Courses and Training

  • LEARNER MOBILITY (Members who participate in courses or daily activities)
    Group mobility of adult learners
    Short-term adult
    Long-term adult

  • SUPPORTED ACTIVITIES (CAFI can host people wants to improve or can train internal Staff)
    Invited Experts
    Hosted teacher or educator in training


  1. Increase participation of adults at risk of exclusion in rural areas through Arts, Culture and NFL
  2. Increase the level of digitalization of adults
  3. Internationalization of CAFI APS
  4. Promote knowledge of Europe’s common heritage and diversity

How to participate

Became CAFI APS Member and wait the Call publication.