Creative Art Farm

in Estonia

Who Are We?

Creative Art Farm in Estonia OU, founded in July 2023, aims to include, empower and train people through Arts, Culture and Technology.

It is a branch of Creative Art Farm in Italy APS works in Italy from 2015.

We are an Art Community for all people, both young and adults, who are interested in working and building bridges among European Creatives or CCI (Cultural Creative Industries).

Our main activities are Arts and Culture Management Courses, Marketing Courses on Art and Culture, Cultural Events, Exhibitions, Talk, Art Critiques meeting, Lab-Research based on Art and Technology tools.

Most of the activities are learn-centered and self-management.

Our Mission

Create opportunities for meeting between people of different cultures in order to increase intercultural sensitivity and international solidarity among young people, to encourage their active participation in society, but also to offer concrete opportunities for non-formal learning, personal and professional development.

Would you like to know more?

  • To create art communities at the local level
  • To spread European opportunities
  • To promote non-formal education through Art and Creativity as a strong approach for personal and professional development
  • To promote research on art, culture and technology as a new way to foster inclusion and empower people
  • To help other Organizations to get access to EU funding and build sustainable strategies
  • To spread the ideas of lifelong learning, development of new competencies (values, skills, knowledge), and European values
  • To empower members on Entrepreneurship in the field of Creative Cultural Industries